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RCI in the United States, in association with TMS RUS in Russia, provides all of the certification documents (regulatory approvals) needed to import and operate most types of industrial equipment and products anywhere in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan.

TMS RUS is fully licensed to perform all of the necessary evaluations, testing and inspections required to issue Customs Union Technical Regulation (CU TR) certificates and declarations of conformity.

In addition, RCI provides technical passports, justification of safety, operation manual best betmgm slotsadaptation in acc. with the CU TR codes, as well as Applicant services. RCI also provides registration of measuring instruments (PAC) and their primary verification (PVC) in acc. with the National Law of “Uniformity of measuring instruments.

RCI now offers comprehensive industrial equipment and products certification and certification management services for projects of all sizes from beginning to end including consulting and technical support. BetMGM login app or and we will get back in contact with you.

Our Certification Body partner is licensed by “Rosaccreditation” to issue Customs Union Technical Regulation (CU TR) certificates for the following:

  • CU TR 004/2011 (Safety betmgm live bettingof Low Voltage Equipment)
  • CU TR 010/2011 (Safety of Machinery and Equipment)
  • CU TR 011/2011 (Safety of Lifts)
  • CU TR 012/2011 (Safety of Equipment intended for use in the explosive atmospheres)
  • CU TR 019/2011 (Safety of Personal Protective Equipment)
  • CU TR 020/2011 (EMC)
  • CU TR 030/2012 (Requirements to lubricants, oils and specialty liquids)
  • CU TR 031/2012 (Safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and their trailers)
  • CU TR 037/2016 (RoHS)
  • CU TR 041/2017 (Safety of chemical products)
  • CU TR 043/2017 (Requirements to fire safety and firefighting equipment)

RCI also offers certification services for a wide variety of other types of equipment and national codes through an established network of cooperating certification bodies in Russia, Kazakhstan best betmgm slotsand the other former Soviet Union countries where TMS RUS operates.

The EAC mark is put on products, which have successfully passed the conformity assessment procedures in accordance with the CU TR, i.e. the Customs Union Technical Regulations. The CU TR certificates and declarations of conformity are valid and fully accepted in Russia, Kazakhstan and all other countries that are members of the European-Asian Economical Union (the Customs Union)